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About us

About Sportsman's Marketplace


We are a company created by like-minded Sportsman.  What you will find here is a combination of our personal wish lists and current gear inventory.   They range from absolute necessities to unique, cool, best-in-class, drool-inducing, money-saving, life-saving or just plain fun.
We encourage you to contribute by suggesting any items you feel we’ve missed by communicating through the Contact Us form.


Product Selection & Philosophy


QUALITY FIRST! We operate with the philosophy that it's better to buy a high quality product once than inferior quality products multiple times.  We are absolutely convinced that spending a little more for top quality saves us money in the long run.  
While we consider ourselves avid sportsmen, we are Patriots first.  That being the case, whenever possible we have identified high quality products that support our American friends and neighbors whose livelihoods depend on our loyalty.  


Danny Deals - Chief Writer, Social Media Dude and Toilet Cleaner


Danny  is a proud Montana native and avid outdoorsman.  He has a true knack for finding the good stuff.  When he isn't hunting, fishing or camping he can be found bartering with someone, flipping a car, or some sort of toy that puts him back into the mountains.  We are very thankful to have him for our entertainment...and part of the team.


Material Connection Disclosure


This site is supported through advertising and affiliate programs, including Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. You will NOT pay more when buying a product through our site.
Many of the items listed, particularly those in our blog do not result in compensation to us. This isn’t the primary purpose, if it feeds our outdoors addiction a little more great, we thank you, otherwise, we hope you’ll enjoy your time here.
Currently, SportsmansMarketplace.com does not own or inventory any of the products listed on the site. All sales, returns and deliveries are handled by Amazon or our other affiliate partners.