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Unequivocally the Absolute Best Camouflage Ever Created

  Unequivocally the Absolute Best Camouflage Ever Created Only problem is, we can’t buy it, yet. Rarely, if ever, actually NEVER before in my life, have I agreed that our government should have first dibs on anything. This is the exception. If it’s for folks in the military, well, they hold a special place in…
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3 Ultimate Beer Drinking Lake Toys

  If you’ve ever heard the song from Little Big Town called Pontoon, you’ll know what I’m thinking about when I write this post. That song rocked for two reasons, 1) The women loved it, and wanted to party it up when they heard it, and 2) We remember all of the good times with…
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The 5 Best EBikes for Hunting

  Yet again we are left asking ourselves, why didn’t I think of that? After transitioning from our Huffy’s to mountain bikes and for many dirt bikes and wheelers we can now revert back…painlessly. Or as we prefer it, do both. If you’ve been out of the bike scene as many of us have for…
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The Best Bug Out Vehicles – Utility Series

  Well, let’s just say it, the Utility Series is our selection of more attainable Bug-Out-Vehicles. While the luxury and city options are worthy of our adoration, the following utility versions are simply more likely to land a spot in our garages…backed in for quick escape of course! Plan B Supply Expedition Series EX Highlights:…
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