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Category Archives: Extreme Hunting

The Ultimate Game Scouting ‘Gear’

  The Ultimate Game Scouting 'Gear' Sure, we’ve all used ‘standard’ equipment for scouting, i.e. Trail cams, spotting scopes, and hunting for sign; but if you want to get serious, really serious about scouting, you need to start thinking bird’s eye view. Before you read on please note: MANY/MOST states do not allow aerial scouting.…
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Unequivocally the Absolute Best Camouflage Ever Created

  Unequivocally the Absolute Best Camouflage Ever Created Only problem is, we can’t buy it, yet. Rarely, if ever, actually NEVER before in my life, have I agreed that our government should have first dibs on anything. This is the exception. If it’s for folks in the military, well, they hold a special place in…
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The 5 Best EBikes for Hunting

  Yet again we are left asking ourselves, why didn’t I think of that? After transitioning from our Huffy’s to mountain bikes and for many dirt bikes and wheelers we can now revert back…painlessly. Or as we prefer it, do both. If you’ve been out of the bike scene as many of us have for…
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