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Category Archives: Extreme Survival

The Best Bug Out Vehicles – Utility Series

  Well, let’s just say it, the Utility Series is our selection of more attainable Bug-Out-Vehicles. While the luxury and city options are worthy of our adoration, the following utility versions are simply more likely to land a spot in our garages…backed in for quick escape of course! Plan B Supply Expedition Series EX Highlights:…
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The Best Bug Out Vehicles – The City Series

  Are you a city dweller, surrounded by millions of other ants in the concrete jungle?  Have you ever considered what you would do if you lost power for several days and the food in the fridge and grocery stores started to spoil?   When it is simply time to get out of dodge you are…
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The Best Bug Out Vehicles – The Ultra Luxury Series

Okay, every MAN wants a bug out vehicle. If the wife asks, we NEED one just in case SHTF. Not having one prevents us from achieving our number one duty, protecting our family! Sounds like yet another logical argument that we will never win. If nothing else, try to paint a picture of you walking…
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