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The 5 Best EBikes for Hunting


Yet again we are left asking ourselves, why didn’t I think of that? After transitioning from our Huffy’s to mountain bikes and for many dirt bikes and wheelers we can now revert back…painlessly. Or as we prefer it, do both.

If you’ve been out of the bike scene as many of us have for years or even decades, simply skimming the surface of what’s out there will blow your mind. Even the thigh burners have advanced by light years making our aging asses grin like a school kid after his first peck on the cheek.

Now, some forward thinking companies have taken what we used to call Mountain Bikes and plopped some pretty serious power under the hood, or in this case, onto the frame. When reading specs on these bikes, terms like “Turbo” and “Throttle” leave no doubt you aint in Kansas anymore. While many of us already miss the purr of our long gone 2 stroke motorcycles, a true sportsman sees these for what they really are, backwoods stealth mobiles that’ll leave your legs fresh before the next ridge climb.

Take a look at some of our favorites, if the terms used don’t clarify what you are looking at the price tags will. These aren’t your old Schwinn’s folks; they are the new breed of silent stalking machines. Can I get a Yeehaa!

P.S. Can't find one of these here? Take a look at: https://ebikegeneration.com/


Felt Outfitter

Price: $5,499

Weight: 52 lbs

Range: 30-60 miles

Hunting, ebike, Felt Outfitter Ebike, ebike



BULLS Monster E FS

Price: $5,499

Weight: 56 lbs

Range: 25-70 miles

 BULLS Monster E FS ebike, bulls ebike, hunting ebike



Rambo R1000XP G3

Price: $4,499

Weight: 69 lbs

Range: 20+ miles



QuietKat Apex 1000

Price: $4,199

Weight: Unknown

Range: 20+ miles

QuietKat Apex 1000, quietkat Apex 1000 ebike, ebike, hunting ebike



Surface 604 Boar E750 Hunter

Price: $2,499

Weight: 66.5 lbs

Range: 25-45 miles

Surface 604 Boar E750 Hunter, surface 604 ebike, ebike, hunting ebike,


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