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Unequivocally the Absolute Best Camouflage Ever Created


Unequivocally the Absolute Best Camouflage Ever Created

Only problem is, we can’t buy it, yet. Rarely, if ever, actually NEVER before in my life, have I agreed that our government should have first dibs on anything. This is the exception. If it’s for folks in the military, well, they hold a special place in my heart and if this new gear helps save one life, I’ll stick with block hunter’s orange during bow season if necessary! LOVE YOU! Keep up the good work you sumbitches!   Yeehaw!

For now, I’ll wipe the chew spit dribbling down my chin and suck it up, because getting your hands on a little sheet of this new camouflage would be the ultimate wet dream.   It’s called “Quantum Stealth”. After givin’ er a thorough review I reckon the name doesn’t do it justice. Think complete invisibility and you are getting very close! Before we move on, I’m going to stop all you panel van drivin’ perverts in your tracks. With little huntresses of my own, I can actually say that and mean it! Every young dude’s brain went there, thank GOD ABOVE you can’t own this stuff!

The name of the company is Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. They’ve been around for quite some time actually and have released a few “mock-up” images that are intended to provide a glimpse into what this new camouflage technology can do. They cannot show the complete product for obvious security reasons. We don’t need any Hadjis getting their hands on this technology and slipping through our non-existent borders!


Here are a few unbelievable highlights:

  • Renders the tank, plane, or human completely invisible by bending light waves around it.

  • Material removes all visual, infrared (night vision), thermal signatures, and shadows.

  • Undetectable from spy satellites, aerial drones at any time of the day or night.

  • Works without cameras, batteries, lights or mirrors.

  • It is lightweight and quite inexpensive.

  • Supposedly it’s been authenticated by the U.S. Military and does in fact work as claimed.

The company has also developed a line called “Smartcamo”, which changes colors from Woodland to Transitional and then to Desert coloration. WHAT! If this is in fact REAL, the implications are serious. As hunters we would LOVE to have it, but considering the military uses, this changes the entire battlefield and should never be possessed by civilians.


Where does that leave us Average Joe’s? As of a couple years ago the company was still selling sheets of their 12,000 camouflage patterns. Some of which look incredible. They have two lines, Ghostex and Deceptex. Ghostex is only available to the U.S. Special Forces and uses inks that also camouflage the NIR (Near Infrared – Night Vision) spectrum. Deceptex does not use the same inks. Bad news for now though, they’ve stopped selling all camo to the public while they focus their energy on getting their Quantum Stealth technology into the hands of our men and women on the front lines. Godspeed!


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