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The 7 Best Stocking Stuffer Christmas Gifts for Every Sportsman

The 7 Best Stocking Stuffer Christmas Gifts for Every Sportsman

Oh Christmas. Like many things, adulthood, can change the experience entirely. If it weren’t for the stress of finding the right presents, Christmas would be back on top of the list as the best holiday. Sorry, but you take second to the 4th of July for this raging patriot!

So what do you get someone that has everything? Well, maybe not everything, what’s more likely is we assume they have what they “need” because we don’t participate in their passion. I assure you, as much as I’d love to buy the wifey some Maybelline, I have no idea what hue she likes or whether she’s ever owned any beauty product from Maybelline.

So what do you get the sportsman in your life for Christmas if you don’t know what ‘hue’ they like? I’ve got good news; whether your sportsman or WOMAN loves hunting, fishing, camping, or shooting you are in luck. Someone is looking out for you this holiday season – me; Danny Deals - avid outdoorsman, gadget man, and Santa helper extraordinaire.

Herein lies a no-brainer list of ideal stocking stuffers for any sportsman! No camo earmuffs here, just the good stuff.

1. Multi-Tool

A must have for every sportsman’s “every time” gear. No matter rain or shine, a multi-tool can be extremely handy should something break.

Our choice: The Leatherman Wave. It comes with wire cutters, knives, a saw, files and much more. No matter the situation, there is a tool that could help any sportsman in a pinch.

Pro Tip: Don’t mention the wire cutters after they open this present. They’ll think you are assuming something.

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2. Electronic Earmuff

Whether you have an avid shooter in the family that lives at the range, or someone that simply shows up once a year to sight in their hunting rifle – they need good hearing protection.

Our Choice: The Walker Razor – so much MORE than another set of hearing protection. With a Bluetooth connection your sportsman can listen to some classic Kenny Loggins on the range or on top of the riding lawnmower!

Pro Tip: Don’t mention existing hearing damage or listening skills – they KNOW and choose to remain in denial.

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3. Laser Rangefinder

Okay, this is more of a “big” present than a stocking stuffer, but it is the right size and I really want one….so here it is.

Our Choice: The Leupold RX-1600i TBR/W Rangefinder. Pay no attention to the naming convention here. This sucker will reach out to 1600 yards and give your sportsman an idea of where they need to aim to hit the target.

Pro Tip: Mention “True Ballistic Range” after they open the present to test their knowledge and skill. Trust me, most of us like to fudge our level of expertise among non-sportsman.

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4. Fishing Tackle

All you need to know is what type of fish your sportsman likes to catch! That’s right, you don’t have to ‘pick’ the right lures – this option is the perfect Christmas gift for any fisherman purchased by someone that doesn’t need to know ANYTHING about fishing!

Our Choice: Warrior’s Tackle Supply – You have a couple options with this unique company: Either choose a one time gift (stocking stuffer) or get them a years worth of goodies through their subscription plan. You choose the type of fish and they do the rest by sending you a neatly packaged supply of quality fishing lures.

Pro Tip: Tell them you selected each lure as they open the box to see the shock in their eyes!

Warriors Tackle Supply

5. Headlamp

Another “must have” for your sportsman’s “every time” gear. Whether we need to have a quick chat with a tree in the middle of the night while camping, or walk ourselves out of the woods at dusk when hunting, headlamps are invaluable! This sportsman has gone through more “low cost” headlamps than a baby does diapers and will only buy the good stuff now.

Our Choice: The Petzl Reactik – A high quality, keep-forever headlamp for any outdoor occasion.

Pro Tip: If you test this bad boy out prior to wrapping it just make sure you remember this sucker is on your dome when talking to other members of your household.  I made that mistake once with my cousin 'Broke Billy', who already has some real problems after the last solar eclipse.

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6. Beer Koozie

Keeps beer cold…are you really expecting to read more convincing information? This is critical, if you didn’t know it, now you do.

Our Choice: The Yeti Rambler Colster

Pro Tip: Take it to your local mall and get it engraved to make this an extra special present for the sportsman in your life!

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7. Power Bank

Whether your sportsman is an avid camper or hardcore gadget person – this is an absolute must have. A power bank will keep all their electronics charged and ready to go over multiple days in the woods. All the technology we are packing into the woods these days is pretty useless if we don’t have any juice!

Our Choice: Goal Zero Venture 30 – it’s waterproof and can charge multiple devices at the same time. The best part – you can add a solar panel that will fully charge the power bank in 9 hours. The gift that keeps giving!

Pro Tip: Also a great gadget if you have kids in your home...it's like a box made of gold on road trips when you want electronics working to keep the little rascals quiet!

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Check Amazon for Current Price

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