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Top 3 Christmas Gifts Every Sportsman NEEDS But Isn’t Buying for Themselves

Top 3 Christmas Gifts Every Sportsman NEEDS But Isn’t Buying for Themselves

The Sportsman in your life is no different than anyone else – conveniently fulfilling their “wants” before their “needs”. Well, maybe not ‘everyone’ else. There is a reason the fairer sex in of our species lives longer – they take fewer risks and generally do a better job ensuring “needs” are met.

Trust us, the feeling of invincibility continues to diminish with age, but there isn’t a day that goes by we don’t feel like a 16 year old ready to conquer the world. Even though some of us grow (slightly) wiser with age, we assure you – most of us aren’t great at taking all the necessary precautions before venturing into the woods.   It is for that reason we have created a top 3 Christmas gift list for Sportsman. What’s different about this list than most – many sportsmen aren’t buying these items for themselves!

#1 The Garmin inReach Explorer+

An must have for hunters, hikers, and fisherman that find themselves away from trails and roads. It has built in topographical maps and GPS navigation to help your sportsman find their way out of the woods. The coolest life-saving feature is the satellite coverage that allows for two-way text messaging from ANYWHERE! That’s right, cell phones just don’t cut it in the woods because we rarely have coverage. With the Garmin inReach Explorer+ we can share our location with family at all times.

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#2 The Stealth Angel Pro Every Day Carry (EDC) Survival Kit

One item sportsman should never go ‘cheap’ is with our survival kits. If the sportsman in your life doesn’t have one, it’s time! Hopefully he will never need to use it, but a quality survival kit with all the necessary equipment could mean the difference between life and death. Fortunately, this kit has everything you would need and comes neatly packaged in a small and durable case.

survival kit, edc survival kit

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#3 The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

We all know that human beings cannot survive without water for more than a few days. Should a sportsman get lost, or simply plan on staying in the woods for an extended trip – having a water filter will be critical to survival or make life significantly easier once they arrive at their destination. Packing water for a 5-day deep woods camping trip is no longer necessary with these highly effective water purification systems that remove 99.99% of harmful bacteria. Sure your sportsman may pack a water bottle or hydration pack on their next outing, but why not throw in a compact water filter should a problem occur that extends their time in the woods.

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