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The Best Bug Out Vehicles – Utility Series


Well, let’s just say it, the Utility Series is our selection of more attainable Bug-Out-Vehicles. While the luxury and city options are worthy of our adoration, the following utility versions are simply more likely to land a spot in our garages…backed in for quick escape of course!

Plan B Supply Expedition Series EX


  • Sleeps up to 26 people with rooftop tent

  • Caterpillar turbocharged multi-fuel diesel engine

  • Solar Panels

  • Roof Hatch & Rooftop Tent

  • Starting @ $46,700


Survival Basics Unimog U-500


  • 400w solar panels

  • 90 Gallon Fresh Water Supply

  • Microbiological Water Purifier

  • Easily one of the most versatile off-road BOV’s

  • Base Price $189,000



Sportsmobile 4wd Adventure Vehicle


  • Based on full-size Ford E-350 one-ton cargo van

  • Rugged 4x4 with open-road economy and serious off-road capability

  • Penthouse fold-down-roof hardtop option

  • Starting @ $90,000

Patriot Campers LC200 Super Tourer


  • Toyota Landcruiser Platform

  • V8 Turbo Diesel

  • Toolbox, Kitchenette, Copious Storage

  • Radio with Latest Digital Scanning Technology, Voice Inversion Scramber & more

  • $159,000+ Australian Dollars

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