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Finding the Best Camping Tables & Chairs


When determining the right camping tables & chairs, one must consider a series of factors in your decision making process: First, stop reading review websites that take themselves too damn seriously. It’s a table & chair. We aren’t analyzing the differences between nuclear fission and fusion here. As a matter of fact, we once had a president that couldn’t pronounce NU CLE R right. He thought it was NUC U LUR. The point is, you simply need to start by understanding what they will be used the chair for.

If there is just two of you, go with a smaller table. If you have the entire family along, consider a setup for four. Unless your house is full of dainty princesses, the chair you choose is going to take a beating. You don’t buy a chair for a season, you hope to buy it once and keep using it for years and years.



If you are the person that always opts for the lowest price models you know full well that you “replace” more frequently. We believe the smarter buyer looks at cost over time versus the cost for the individual item. We all have a relative or friend that has run through 14 shovels, 23 hammers and 3 air compressors buying the cheap junk at XYZ Company. You know the one!

During the same time period the smart buyer, you, has chosen a higher quality shovel, hammer etc. and it still works. Unless your the person that loses everything including the sunglasses that are still on your nose, find the best deal on something that will last. Remember, when looking at different chairs, look at the shoulders and arm rests.


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