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Choosing the Right Camping Cookware & Grills


Burgers, brats, dogs, or the day’s catch will likely make up your next camping meal. We have identified a few basic options that should satisfy the majority of campers cooking needs. Unless you are deep in the backwoods and hoofing it on foot, you’ll likely need some type of stove and a cookware set.




Of course, we are making a big assumption you aren’t a long-lost cousin of Emeril Lagasse. In which case you are probably going to chef up some serious grub using a smoker, or some other device only a chef would bring camping. Everyone loves a good meal; perhaps your crew even focuses more on good grub than actual outdoor activities. We won’t go into a long diatribe on how you’ve got this entire ‘camping experience’ wrong here.

But we will warn you. You can thank us later, because as avid camper’s ourselves we’ve made the mistake of bringing ol’ Emeril along. After a long day on the water or trekking through the mountains a nice meal might sound delightful. Just be sure your Emeril takes it easy with the “Bam’s” and doesn’t “kick it up too many notches”.



The woods or campgrounds are not the place to experiment on your friends gastrointestinal systems. Getting a healthy case of the meat sweats is one thing. Increasingly frequent, high-speed chicken dances to non-existent potties can fast become an experience you wouldn’t wish on anyone except your mother-in-law. This warning does not apply if she absolutely insists on ruining your next camping trip. In which case, everyone should bring out his or her inner Emeril from time to time, it makes for an entertaining trip.


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