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The Best Camping Coolers


Gone are the days of the dented up metal Coleman camping coolers. If you are still packing one of those hot boxes around, more power to you. It probably isn’t the metal box, handles or finger pinching clasp that’s making this keepsake a permanent part of the outdoors inventory, but the vintage Coca Cola and 84’ Olympic stickers that make it hard to part with.




Are you still rollin’ the ever-fashionable mullet and trusty Styrofoam convenience store cooler with your temporarily cold half rack of Schlitz? If so, we know you aren’t concerned, afterall, over thirty plus years of outdoorin’ your built in barometer will let you know to the nearest half second how quickly you’ll need to suck down that half rack. At which point you’ll be begging your pals for a cold one.  




For the true sportsman however, we scoff at the weekend warrior toting grandpap’s rust bucket. After selling off one of the kids for a years worth of indentured servitude we can afford one of the new whiz bang coolers that actually keep our goodies cold. If you don’t have kids, well get ready to pay to play. If you are still drive a Pontiac Fiero prepare yourself for some Corvette prices!


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