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EDC Knives

EDC Knives

The Best EDC (Every Day Carry) Knives For the City and Outdoors

EDC knives (everyday carry) are a must have accessory for any sportsmen. Some folks may ask; “why do you need to carry a knife?” For the same reason this, country lovin’, 2A supportin’, self-reliant Redneck carries a gun! Self defense.   Sure there are other uses or reasons to carry a knife, but that’s the primary reason for your author of this beloved category.

We understand – you are either a “knife person” or you aren’t. The same holds true for cars. Can you believe; some folks simply see cars as a means from getting from point A to point B? Really? They must be a Canuck or a Frenchy or something because any TRUE American loves cars and every prepared American loves knives too.




Just as some people may not understand the passion for carrying and collecting knives, we sportsman have some serious questions about other people’s choice in hobbies. Take collecting watches for example: While your humble author understands the importance of knowing the time, I simply cannot understand why other Neanderthals get so excited about them. In fact I have a friend that gets all giddy about his watches. Worse yet, he gets offended and corrects me when I call it a watch. “It’s a Timepiece”, he says. “Man, you’re queerer than a two-dollar bill”, I reply. (Sorry we don’t do “PC” here – and we aren’t homophobic either!)

Okay, some folks like to tell time in style. To each their own I suppose. In y case, an EDC (every day carry) knife is just as important as putting on my drawers in the morning – extra protection should I make a poor lunch choice. No, I don’t carry my knives because I plan on whittling a stick while eating an MRE, under an Oak tree, in the middle of….a parking lot while my coworkers eat inside. I carry because it’s the quickest form of self-protection and it doesn’t draw the ire of the lefties like open-carrying my 50 cal. Desert Eagle does.

Below you’ll find our choices for the best EDC knives. If you are anything like me – you want the best. Keep in mind though – the only thing I ever lose (on occasion) is my mind. If you are always looking for your car keys – I’d suggest a budget knife, otherwise some of the beautiful creations you’ll find below will quickly break the self-protection budget.


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