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The Best Flashlights and Headlamps for the Outdoors


It’s your lucky day. Little did you know that reading an introduction to a product category on Sportsman’s Marketplace would deliver sage advice for a lifetime. We don’t always offer freebies, but today is your lucky day. The Flashlights and Headlamps category is el’ primo examplo of the KEY trick to convincing your significant other of the value of your purchases. 

Drumroll please…DUAL PURPOSE. Have you ever heard your wife say, “Well here’s the best thing about these new shoes, I can wear them to work and around the house”! Ladies, have you ever heard your husband say, “Honey, with this new AR15, I can shoot…stuff.”



We gentlemen really need to work on our dual-purpose argument. In the case of flashlights and headlamps it’s easy.   These handy toys are a necessity for both the outdoors and at home. We used to think the headlamps were just for the over-cautious bicyclist that was too broke to buy a car on a moonless night.

 After we stopped yelling and finally purchased one for ourselves we soon learned how great these headlamps truly are. They work really well for hands free garage tinkering and all of our outdoor stuff. Ever taken a shot just before dusk and tried to gut your animal with a flashlight in your mouth? How about finding the trail back to the car with all your fishing gear in your hands? Been there done that. Headlamp.




When things are a little more manageable a flashlight is always handy. We’ve even found a couple slick options for you, including solar charging and rechargeable. If you are like us, we have a flashlight for every occasion and these new LED ones are sure to make you feel like a kid again. Driving around with a huge spotlight for a little dusk rabbit hunting is akin to carrying a ghetto blaster on your shoulder…you just don’t have to do it anymore. No worries though, if you are still rollin’ the mullet, it’s all good with us!

As an added bonus, we’ve selected a few lanterns for you.  These lanterns range from super inexpensive and practical to some real bad mama jamas!  Ranging from lanterns so bright you can do morse code with aliens or charge you cell phone…whichever you deem more important at that moment.


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