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How to Choose Between a Cot or Sleeping Pad for Your Next Camping Trip


There’s just something about sleeping on the ground that brings you closer to mother nature. Like walking around the woods barefoot, like the natives used too. Well not really, they used moccasins for a damn good reason. Mother nature is good at reminding us where we are, in HER domain. It’s filled with rocks, sticks and poisonous plants, and critters up the wazoo.

Wear shoes. You aren’t Cody Lundin with 2 inch thick callouses on your paws. The same holds true for choosing what you sleeping on. Unless you are taking the rugged approach for the first and, we assure you, LAST time, you’ll need to choose something comfortable. What’s that mean? Well in the world of mattresses it means: “pillow tops”, “memory foam”, “flex-hybrid”, and “contour supreme”. 



Don’t let anyone fool you. Sleeping in the woods is never going to be as comfortable as your bed. Unless of course you are into that city-folk glamping joke where somebody gives you nice setup right next to the highway under a pine tree. Yeehaw, you campin’ now ain’t ya!




Key considerations, if you are carrying in, you’ll need a sleeping pad. Choose one that won’t go flat with the prick of a pine needle. The choices we’ve identified are the more rugged of the bunch out there. Keep in mind, tougher material is often louder than a burrito fart. If you are sharing a tent, be sure to kick out the fella that tosses and turns all night. The noise will have you planning their death, I assure you.

If you are drive-in camping or have a mule train a mile long, bring a cot. This is the closest to your bed you’ll get. Plus, you are up off the ground, which is awfully nice after day two of trudging in half the forest on the bottom of your boots. Nothing like sleeping with your nose in the kids muds stew. Take a look at some fine options we’ve selected for you.


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