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How to Pick the Best Camping Tent


If you are an avid camper you know how important the sleeping arrangements can be. Camping is awesome. If you want the family to enjoy camping with you, start by choosing the right setup. Where are you going, how many of you are there, and what is the weather going to be like. Last, but certainly not least, or you handy around the house?

What? Why did we ask that? If you call a handyman to fix a leaky faucet or adjust the door, you are going to need to find the easiest tent setup possible. DO NOT trust the descriptions written by the companies. The engineer that designed the tent can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute. The person writing the description has never been camping. Trust us, building a bridge, by hand over Niagra Falls, hanging from a helicopter, is easier than setting up some tents.




Next, if you live where the sun always shines, well, hope you enjoy 10,000 people in your camp spot. Outside of the fact that you might as well stay home and sleep in the back yard, you should consider the weather. That’s the benefit of bad weather by the way; it keeps the riff raff out. Bring on the snow baby!

We digress, a hammock can work really well if you aren’t dragging around 4 kids and the better half. If you are, look for a tent, which brings up the next important consideration. How big. If the description says 4 person, they mean 2; if it says 6 person they mean 4, etc. Buy bigger, as soon as your gear goes inside for protection from the elements it can feel like a night in the hole.



Did we mention easy setup? There is nothing worse than a raging maniac scaring off the bears because they can’t get the tent setup.


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