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The Best Camping Water Bottles


So what’s in a water bottle? It isn’t always water. So why isn’t it just called a bottle? It’s like saying, “grab me a Coke”, when you want a 7up. Um, why didn’t you just say it? The child bearers of our species are no doubt responsible for establishing this confusing terminology. Always testing us to see if we can read their minds.



For our fellow Neanderthals we’ve identified a few ‘bottles’ and water filters that work well for just about any adventure. We’ve even thrown in a nice little koozie to keep your Schlitz ice cold.   How’d we pick them? Well we did the exact opposite as your standard review site.

No we didn’t do puncture tests, thirty meter drop tests or temperature tests. It’s a bottle. If you are one of those types that enjoys pickin’ fly poo out of pepper, well you aren’t going to find any statistical analysis here. Nope, no pie charts or graphs. Just the words of pie eaters with a couple skin graphs from sleepin’ to close to the campfire.



If you’re simply doing a little scouting, we’ve identified a few ‘day trip’ options for you. Keep in mind the cheaper they are the warmer your water will be. If it’s spring and you are heading out to do a little horn hunting, after a long winter of healthy eating, well the water will be gone in a jiffy anyway.

For extended trips you should consider one of the high-tech water filters. These things are absolutely awesome and a must have for anyone that will be staying at the 5 Billion Star Extended Stay Bush Hotel. Our favorite no doubt.


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