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The Best Dry Bags for Fishing

Water is wet. If you don’t like wet gear, get a dry bag. We hate to be so condescending but apparently there is a need to tell people not to eat Tide Pods, so you’ll have to forgive us. What happened to the gene pool anyway? Some people say it’s something in the water, others say it’s the hormones in the food. The same people gulping and chowing down on said life sources are often the ones that don’t understand why we harvest our own food! Perhaps a diet of Tide Pods and Quinoa has adversely affected their ability to use logic?



What can we say, not everyone can have a rabbit as their spirit animal. Lettuce and carrots are a great side dish but when your spirit animal is a Grizzly, we need a little Salmon as the main course. Sorry, your ‘global warming’ theory doesn’t seem to be affecting us in snow country. Just this past winter there were several weeks that left us in prepubescent physical condition. We actually need a little fat on our bones to survive winter.



So please, stop trying to eradicate all common sense from the gene pool. This doesn’t apply to all of us carnivores – if you are fishing out of a sewage canal or think fine dining is “The Road Kill Grill”, pull in the reigns please – for humanity’s sake. For the remaining few of us whom continue to practice the rare art of self-sufficiency, we will continue doing our part to contribute hunting and fishing (human) genes to the gene pool – and we’ll do so in dry clothes. The true Neanderthals among us will go to the river or lake unprepared and leave looking like wet dogs because they couldn’t keep their gear dry. Too many Tide Pods? We think so.


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