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The Top Fillet Knives for the Avid Fisherman


As the old proverb goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. The same is true for preparing your catch. Who came up with that proverb anyway? We just hope they weren’t talking about Garfield when that thought popped into their head. If you are like us, and prefer a nice Fillet’O’Fish (not the McD’s kind), we have identified some fine fillet knives for ya. Simply cut, gut, skin/scale, and lop off.



If you don’t follow the process above, please don’t have us over on fish night. By international standards we Americans are some of the most finicky eaters on the planet. Save for some of delicacies of the Deep South. You folks can pound all the Chitlins you like, we’re going to pass. How hungry do you need to be to eat Chitlins anyway? We’d have to be farting some serious dust to woof down some Chitlins!


Like we said, that doesn’t compare to some of the fine dining they enjoy in other parts of the world. Fish eyeballs anyone? That’s a negative ghostrider. Matter of fact; please don’t serve with the head or tail. Don’t care how small it is, we’re not testing the ‘softness’ of the bones with these chiclets – no way no how.



By the way, how lazy do you have to be to skip the cooking part? That must’ve been one hungry Japanese fella that just decided to skip the cooking part one day. “Ah, that’s good,” he said, a la Sushi. Alright – alright, sushi is pretty good stuff, but if you are going to cook it please leave the crusty ol’ flipper and overcooked head off the plate. These salmon and trout-eating Sportsman like to whittle down our catch to the good parts before throwing on the barbecue or smoker for a fine meal.


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