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The Best Portable Fish Finders for the Everyday Fisherman


For those that want to be taken seriously, we’ve found some highly portable fish finders for all your lake fishing needs. What’s this mean? Well, you don’t have to rig them up to a boat to use them. Unless you have a deep shoreline, a fish finder will always work best when cast from a boat, but these guys will work great from shore too. Want to see whether Nessy is lurking 50 feet from shore? Toss one of these in and you won’t need a grainy photo to prove she does in fact reside in your favorite fishing spot.



Not all lakes allow boats anyway so take advantage of today’s technology to increase your odds of telling fewer lies. They come with the territory and with every good intention. Why do we tell tales? Well, we want our buddies to stop being cowards, start skipping work to go fishing with us. You see; fishing tales are all about encouraging your friends to join in the fun. Harmless. The lies are always more believable when there’s more than one of you anyway.



We love fishing because of the comradery, peace and solitude the sport provides, however, just using boats to fish is fun too. True fishing freaks never can have enough boats. You thought bubba could rattle off more types of shrimp you thought possible in Forrest Gump? No, talk to a “Reel fisherman” and they’ll suggest starting your fishing adventure by pickup up at least one drift boat, jet boat, trolling boat, kayak, raft, float tube, bass boat, bay boat, and skiff. To start that is. For the more serious fisherman, they might consider adding a center console, convertible, and bridge to the mix. Let’s be honest, for some, fishing is all about the fun in collecting gear and adding new boats to the collection.


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