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The Top Fish Scales, Fishing Pliers and Grippers for the Everday Fisherman


Fish scales, pliers and grippers – absolute necessities for the everyday fisherman. One could argue that a good fish scale simply ruins a good story, a proven fisherman will tell you otherwise. Truth is, they are both right. If you are so inclined to tell a fib or two, skip the scales and focus on safety. That’s right, this entire category could rightfully be renamed Fisherman’s Safety Gear.

Ever had a barbed hook stuck in one of your digits? If not, we assure you, that experience will leave you looking like Steve Urkel or Data from the Goonies, with a pocket protector full of pliers and grippers on your next fishing adventure. It can be a miserable experience, especially if the day’s catch is still hooked too and you are fast become blood-brothers with a squaw fish thwapping about.

Yes folks, after an experience like that you’ll be more likely to forget your pole than your pliers. If we haven’t been clear enough, especially to you that are new to fishing, allow us to provide you with a few analogies:


  • You’ve always wanted to ride dirt bikes and your ‘buddy’ puts you on a bored and stroked Honda 450R. They tell you it shifts just like a manual transmission car, except you need to get the RPM’s up higher so you don’t kill it. “Buddy” uses fishing pliers, new rider does not.



  • Imagine that you are an experienced horseman. You are having a little get together out at the ranch and have had a few cold ones and a self-righteous city girl wants to ride a horse for the first time. You put her on Ol’ Trusty, at least that’s what you tell her his name is. Ol’ Trusty actually happens to be Mustang named “Buck” that’s just fine during the mount, but can get a little skiddish with a kick to the ribs. The horseman uses fishing pliers, the city girl does not.



  • You and the family are taking the grand tour of Yellowstone National Park. You come across a little traffic jam caused by a small herd of buffalo near the side of the road. Instead of getting out of your car to take a selfie with said Buffalo, you decide to use the telephoto lense to capture the international tourist trying to take a selfie with the cute, furry animal and ask yourself, “what do they think this is? A f’n zoo?” You use “fisherman safety gear”, we assure you the international tourist DOES NOT.


Moral of the story, wear a helmet. Never trust a drunk horseman if you are a self-righteous city dweller and National Park doesn’t mean zoo. Even if it did, they are still wild animals. Where is Charles Darwin when you need him? Don’t let Charles Darwin get you, don’t be an idiot – find some good Fishing Safety Gear below.



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