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How to Choose Between a Fishing Vest, Tackle Bag, or Sling on Your Next Fishing Trip


A must have for all fishermen, birders or hardcore tourists. Only kidding, please don’t wear a fly fishing vest on your tourist outing. There are a few foreign made options below that actually suggest some very odd uses for our hand-picked FISHING vests and tackle bags. One can only think one of our fellow Americans happened to be visiting their country with the requisite telephoto camera, sneakers with mid shin white socks and a fishing vest. What? Why else would they suggest it? We’ll leave that disturbing thought for you to decide.


Don’t be that American – please. We have a reputation to uphold, don’t bastardize our beloved fishing vest by stuffing it full of tourist guides and compasses for your vacation adventure. If in fact you decide to acquire one of these items and use it for its intended purpose, we suggest some thoughtful consideration on intended uses. If you intend to work your way up or a down a river fly fishing there is no other choice than a traditional fly vest. The tackle bags and slings would be as useless as a steering wheel on a mule.



If however, you love lake fishing and like to setup in a favorite spot or two the bags and slings are a viable option. Just remember hiking to mountain lakes comes with risks the new sportsman doesn’t often consider, i.e. Predators, bugs, lack of trails etc. If you or anyone you know might ask or suggest the following, we highly encourage them to stay home.


  • Are the bears with collars tame?

  • How do the elk know they’re supposed to cross at the “Elk Crossing” signs?

  • The places where trails do not exist are not well marked.

  • There are too many bugs, spiders and spider webs. Why don’t they spray the woods to get rid of these pests.

  • The trails really need to be reconstructed.

  • Why don’t they avoid building trails that go uphill?

Just remember half of the people you know are below average. Scary thought isn’t it!



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