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The Best Pontoons and Float Tubes for Fishing This Summer


While investigating different options of float tubes may leave you thinking the choices and decisions are obvious we assure you, they are. No, you read that right. It’s really easy but some folks will tell you how to build a clock when you ask what time it is. What time is it? Time to pick a float tube that can handle the river(s) you’ll be floating. Overnight trip? Class 4 rapids? “Lazy river” in the wild? You catch the drift. Find something mobile, lightweight, with enough room and easy accessibility for your gear and you’re off to the races. Well, that depends on how slow the river is.


We, unlike most pontificating ‘professionals’ assume a certain level of intelligence among our readers and will therefore leave that decision to you. For those on the fence reading this (our assumption is wrong), let us first start by defining pontificating. “To Speak or express opinions in a pompous or dogmatic way.” Don’t you hate when Merriam or Webster, we never know which one, always uses other ‘big’ words in the definition leading you down a scrabble rabbit hole that never ends! Pontificating in other (our) words: “talk down to people assuming they are complete idiots.”




Like we said, if you are sitting on the fence, here’s a little sage advice. First, pick up a pair of fins, increasing the surface area of your feet, thus enabling you to navigate the river better. Second, pack some heat. By heat we mean a pistola or a 50 BMG, whichever you think would make more logical sense there cupcake. (There you go an example of pontificating just to help er’ sink in there buckshot.) What can we say; we’ve had plenty of friends that were a few beers short of a six-pack. Anything we can do to help a fella out.


In all seriousness though, if your river runs through predator country, you should have some real protection. As a matter of fact, one of your beloved Sportsman’s Marketplace friends proved themselves to be a fence sitter after encountering a Grizzly Bear on the Upper Fork of the Blackfoot River (A River Runs Through It). True story. They had no way to discourage the bear from turning them into an afternoon snack, which is precisely why we recommend some form of self-protection, even if you are in the middle of the river.




After a half hour standoff in the middle of the river, yes the bear was just sitting in the middle of the river too, the bear finally walked to shore. Proceeded upriver and stopped directly across from our fence sitter pal, he claims 30 yards or so. Smokey then took a long good look and sniff and starting walking off into the woods. Rumor has it; a fishing pal that was along to witness this spectacle (yes he was a fence sitter too), adamantly claims to have witnessed a 30-foot rooster tail coming from our friends fins as his pontoon disappeared down the river. Moral of the story, be prepared or prepare to be the snack.


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