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The Top Fishing Nets for Today’s Fisherman


We have all heard the phrase, “there are plenty of fish in the sea.” It’s usually used after a member of the opposite sex smartened up and started looking for greener pastures. We will submit, that while the phrase may be true, an old fisherman would never use it. Why? Well, just because there are plenty of fish, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to catch them.


The fisherman cynics in us would likely respond to our caring friend by saying, “yes, but what depths will I have to go to, to find them? If I offer them dinner, how am I supposed to know what they like to eat? You know, how indecisive they can be when looking at a menu. If I can find one, or better yet, one finds me, what should I wear? It can be so confusing trying to figure out what they want. You know what I mean, some like bling some don’t. Some like a little cologne, some don’t. Most are attracted to vulnerability, some aren’t.



It’s confusing. Don’t get me wrong here, I consider myself to be quite the Casanova, but even I strike out sometimes. Let’s just say I can encourage them to commit; the best ones still struggle with the decision they’ve made. Sometimes they can’t understand that the right path for them can be painful, but I really need to see all sides of them. If they aren’t the right one for me I let them go for the next person.



I have to admit; sometimes I get tired of the struggle. I’ll never quit, but I absolutely hate putting in all the work just to see the best ones slip away before I can hook my fingers in their gills and show them off to my buddies. I just need to figure out how I can ensure I get a good look after all the effort before I make my decision.”


Moral of the story: Buy a net and be a Rapala.


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