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Our Top Picks for Waders and Wading Boots for All Your Fishing Needs

Chances are, the person reading this right now is no longer a child capable of magically running across sharp rocks with bare feet. For most of, save a few with some obviously nasty callouses, we simply can’t run on sharp rocks anymore. Why is that? Who knows, maybe our feet get more sensitive to counter the rough edges that come with age. Maybe it’s just a reflection of getting smarter and better prepared.


If you haven’t spent much time knee deep in a river, allow us to share a little story that will paint a clear picture of the necessity of wading boots and waders. You and the family take a little snow skiing trip to the French Alps. Only kidding, why would you go to France, them Frenchies think our gun culture is repugnant…and the best thing they’ve ever offered is croissant! Anyway.


So instead, you take a ski trip to your nearest ski hill and you are so busy making sure the kids are ready you forget your ski pants. You buck up like the old days and wear a pair of jeans. By the end of the day you are so cold and wet you are questioning whether the two lumps in your throat are swollen glands or something else. The next day, you decide to dance a jig in the driveway on three inches of sheer ice in a worn out pair of 1986 Converse. You bounce your dome of the ice so hard you have to wear a helmet for the next 2 months while the skull fractures fuse back together.



It’s spring now and you are on the mend. Your wife has mounted the helmet to the wall as a reminder of your fallibility.  You are planning a rafting and fishing trip to a fishing spot you read about in Travel and Leisure.


You arrive with the excitement of a feral cat in a room full of dogs after your first taste of catnip. The crystal clear glacial runoff river you’ve been dreaming about is now before you. Do you: Wade barefoot into a river of moss-covered rock in your new homemade pair of cutoff jeans? Or do you put on your new pair of waders and wading boots for fear of knowing the lumps have finally retreated from your throat and your melon is healed save the bald spot?


Our suggestion: Be prepared, pick up some waders and wading boots before you walk into the river. If not, let’s hope the lumps stay there this time. For all our sake.


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