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The Best Hunting Backpacks and Hydration Packs


As avid outdoorsmen you know how important the ol’ backpack can be. If you are like us you’ve shared stories with your friends about your teenage hotshot, invincible years as a mini Jim Bridger. Those stories usually end up with a, “I’m lucky to be alive”, or a “I thought I’d never make it outta there.” Truth is we’ve all been an underprepared tourist with a little douchey fanny pack chock full of snickers bars. 



These days us older and wiser sportsman take coming home seriously. While some mistakes are too much fun to only make once, unplanned overnighters in the woods are as much fun as a visit to the proctologist. Ol’ Helga was a legitimate mistake, dying of exposure is not. So start thinking like Noah did, that wise SOB was the first and last good meteorologists knowing the rain was coming before he even built the ark.



While we still cannot get our heads wrapped around a $175 pair of jeans, we can appreciate a good backpack. Unless you’re a yearling doe hunter jumping out of the truck, you’ll need something that can pack all your gear and keep it dry. Depending on the use, we’ve identified a few options from early fall bow hunting hydration packs to some long-term survival packs and meat haulers. If you are a go-go gadget type of hunter you’ll be excited to compare and contrast the number of pockets and straps. Just remember, packing more gear isn’t always better unless you are in fighting shape just out of boot camp.


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