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The Best Ebikes for Hunting


The word Ebikes may sound a little bit too hippy, hipster or new age to you old-school sportsman. Trust us we felt the same way. Truth is just saying the word electric was like putting a Duracell in our mouth. There’s a reason we put glass packs on our trucks, they don’t come loud enough. Now you want us to drive around in silence? Um no.




Our prejudice against anything that doesn’t smell like our cologne (gas); was shockingly overcome when we discovered the value of the Ebike for backcountry hunting. Pesky fence be damned, we are on a bicycle; no harm no foul right? Truth is many states see these as motorized vehicles at which point all the rules apply. Next thing you know we will have to wear handmade moccasins to avoid any unnatural shoe marks in the woods. Nobody loves the woods more than we do, go shove your rules where the sun doesn’t shine! 



We have identified some fine options for you to investigate. While the cost of one of these bikes can be a little a shocking at first, they are a no-brainer for the hardcore sportsman. One of the best parts is the ol’ beer gut will still provide a protective covering for your rock hard abs. We will warn you though; the best manufacturers have had a hard time keeping up with demand so check back to see whether they are available. Never would have guessed that an electric bicycle could disappear faster than a bag of Cheetos at a Jenny Craig meeting.


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