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The Top Hunting Boots and Shoes for All Seasons


Listen, if your workout playlist is one song you need to be looking for loafers, not boots. If you own loafers you are probably on the wrong website. If you are one of those fellas that wears cutoff jeans, wool socks and hiking boots during summer because it’s “too hot” for jeans, well you might find something here, just don’t tell anyone where you bought your boots. For everyone else, this category applies to sportsmen that put on serious mileage during the year.

Whether you are scouting, horn hunting, or chasing game your feet will make or break the day. Protection against wet, cold, or tired is what you are investing in here. Wet and cold is easy, buy a pair of boots or shoes that are either waterproof or water resistant. Tired is another story. If you put on more miles than a Kenworth there isn’t much you can do except find one of the most popular, highest rated hunting boots sold. We have several for your viewing pleasure below.



The other component of tired is you. If you are a typical hunter and put on your fair share of miles, any of the boots below should serve you well. However, if you are a millennial (or act like one) and will blame the shoe/boot for your aching feet we would encourage you to do the following test called “Who’s Responsible”.


You or the Boot?


  1. Your first hike of the season entailed 15 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes on the defibrillator, and 3 days in the hospital.

  2. Your legs said, “What the F$@! Are we doing” after a ¼ mile of gentle slope.

  3. You find yourself saying, “There’s too many rocks in the mountains.”

  4. You start hunting really early in the morning before your brain can figure out what your doing.

  5. Your goal was to lose 10 pounds before hunting season and you only have 15 to go.


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