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The Best GPS Devices for Hunting, Camping, and all things Outdoors.

As long-time sportsman we remember the days before GPS and cell phones. Some of us may even remember hunting before many of our states starting requiring hunters orange. FYI: Orange looks like green to big game. No sense having a trigger-happy dope sending rounds your direction. Truth is, the risk of getting shot by another hunter is so miniscule you should fear the car ride, not ol’ one-eye hip shooter.



That little chunk of orange may just serve a more important purpose: Getting found when your tight ass gets lost. Why so offensive you say? Well, some technology is great. In this case, the value makes it downright inexpensive. Even if you’re not a “Go-Go-Gadget” type of sportsman, today’s GPS is a no-brainer. We all have friends that still have a hard time finding home from the grocery store. We take them hunting up “No-Tell-Um Creek” and send them off up a ridge, down to the creek, with instructions to wait by the big rock.   Somehow we are still surprised our day is spent backtracking looking for our numbskull buddy that is trudging through the woods as confused as a fart in a fan factory.




A la: GPS. Not only can any dunderhead figure out how to use one, but true sportsman know what a tremendous advantage using one can be year after year. You can simply mark the locations of game trails, overlooks, or big bull sightings. Some options in this category will also allow you to track your movement on the map, distances covered, and communicate should something go wrong. We all feel invincible at times, but all of us that have spent a lot of time in the woods has at least one scary story involving a rock, deadfall, or a blizzard that came out of nowhere.


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