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The Best Hunting Knives & Field Dress Kits


Ooooh boy, a category for the experts. If you are the type of person that needed Siskel & Ebert to “choose” your movie for you, you are in the wrong place. If this is your first category description, you probably have a serious look of confusion on your mug. We don’t do reviews here. If you’re looking to read all about knife “Tang” you might need to read up on a knifeologists page. Here you won’t find any detailed descriptions on full tang, push tang, rat tail tang, or other tang. Just know that the ever-lovin Rednecks that chose the items listed here know their stuff and want to give our beloved viewers some good options, i.e. cheap to expensive(r).



Like we said, we aren’t talking about a $50,000 rig here folks. There’s so much damn competition in the hunting knife business the price for a good-quality hunting knife requires a collection, i.e. never just have one. We love our Ruana’s around here but they are damn hard to come by anymore and you might have to get a second on your house to buy one.

Below you’ll see a wide variety of knives, some better for small game; while others are better for big game. Some knives are designed for skinning, some for caping. If you need to slice and dice before the bears come to collect their prize, well, don’t be a cheapskate. In this case being “Broke Billy” could cost you your life.



We will leave you with one valuable tip. The value in a knife is in the blade. Therefore, if you absolutely must start pickin fly poo outta pepper – start with the blade. If you are looking at a carbon steel blade, look for SK-5 or D-2. Be prepared to pay more. Stainless steel seems to be the preferred material of most manufacturers and, we know this will surprise you but there are so many damn options you’d have to be an expert to choose! Remember this, if you are looking at stainless, look for 440 or greater with a nice solid description that shows the maker is proud of the steel they use in their knives.


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