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Why Mosquitos are Biting You and Not Your Friends and Some Proven Products that Will Keep the Buggers Off.


It’s unfortunate but the outdoors has its drawbacks. We don’t share the same hide as our prey friends and it can be downright miserable chasing game through mosquito-infested lowlands. Then you sit down for your first cold one at the campsite to reminisce about your day. Next thing you know, you are the alfalfa field getting gobbled up by a swarm of hoppers, or in this case skeeters.



No matter how many times you’ve worn your garlic necklace and bathed in holy water the pesky buggers seem to suck you dry. Turns out, this doesn’t happen to all of us. The lucky ones go untouched why we lesser-evolved humans suffer a frontal assault that leaves us with the 1000 yard stare.

If you happen to have Type O blood type, well your S.O.L. Apparently the buzzing vampires actually have a blood preference. If they were human, we can only assume they would prefer that fancy high alcohol craft brew stuff to our beloved light beer. That pretty much sums up ol’ crafty for us, they are in fine company with their brethren the mosquito.



Well we have a bit more bad news for you. Turns out the S.O.B.’s love beer! That’s right, according to a recent study; just a single, solitary 12oz can of beer will make you more attractive to insects. Worry not friends, the last thing we would ever do is encourage pulling back on the reins of our outdoor fun. As usual, we have a preferred solution with these fine; keep drinking your beer, options for mosquito repellant. Bring extra, you might be thirsty.


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