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The Best Hunting Optics for 2018


While most of us consider ourselves true sportsman, the ultimate sportsman were born centuries ago and didn’t have the benefit of today’s technology. Imagine getting on target with a black powder rifle at six or seven hundred yards. It can be done, and avid black powder shooters will knock your socks off when they show just how accurate iron sights can be on the range.




Today we are spoiled and thankful for it. Imagine whippin’ out the ol’ spyglass to spot game hundreds of yards away. Today our gear has some serious technology built into it including “image stabilization”, “anti-fog”, “Spectra coating”, and “Rapid Lasik Corrective Surgery” to name a few.   Only kidding, but the truth is, reading the product description in this category is like reading a Latin play – pointless. Unless you’re an optics nerd, get ready for a little piece of heaven.


Let’s just say – we are spoiled. If it weren’t for the fact that world is still full of mumbling idiots we could probably do away with hunter’s orange. If you think hunting encompasses jumping outta the ol’ truck and poppin’ off shots at anything that moves, we are talking about you. All that truth and wisdom aside, this category makes us feel like kids in a candy store.



If you don’t have a harnessed bino case, get one. They are worth EVERY penny! We have a nice selection of bino’s too. If you squeeze a quarter so tight the eagle screams; we have something for ya. If you simply must have the best, we have some options for you too. If you are a D.O.P.E head, well we’ve got some fine spotting scopes and rangefinders to get you dialed. Have fun Sportsmen, happy hunting.


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