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The Best Trail Cameras for Scouting Big Game

The trail camera has fast become one of the most indispensible tools in the hunter’s arsenal. The advancements in digital photography, battery life, and flash options bring stealth and convenience that we’ve never had before. If you still head out on opening day without scouting your chances of finding the trophy buck are slim to none. If you do happen to be the lucky one, don’t tell us scouting freaks about it because we’ll never forgive you!

These days there are so many trail camera brands and features you’d have to be a Class A nerd to know everything. Please allow us to enlighten you on the key areas that actually matter. Trigger speed. They are all really fast. Next. Flash. No glow, low glow, led blah blah blah. Do you need/want nighttime recording? If so get one with one of these options. Real simple. Next is camera range. If you have your camera posted up on a game trail in a dense forest you probably don’t need a 300-yard range. Just saying. Common sense here folks, it’s not as complicated as many folks would have you believe.



Here is what really matters (to us at least). Battery. How long does the SOB last? Longer the better, that way if you have several out in your hunting spots you don’t have to worry about them being useless! Last consideration – image quality and whether it captures video and images. While some people love to pick fly sh#$ out of pepper we here at Sportsman’s Marketplace care about one thing. Can we verify whether there is game in the area or NOT! If you plan on having a trail camera photo installation at an art gallery someday maybe you need to reprioritize what you are doing with your life. The old 2 megapixel cameras were great, these days 8-10 is commonplace.

All of the options below are worthy of your consideration. We even have a lock available for those that hunt in more populated areas with thieving schisters on the loose. If we weren’t worried about killing our dinner before hunting season we’d recommend some booby traps around your trail cameras for our sticky fingered friends.



Trail cameras are a whole lot of fun. The excitement you have when you are headed out to check on your visitors gets you fired up for hunting season. If you have teenage kids up to no good, well, this is a great solution for that too. If only our parents had trail cameras setup when we were kids, good lord, they would’ve been getting film developed on a weekly basis. Yeehaww!


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