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The Best Tree Stands for the Avid Hunter


If you’ve been doing a little searching for tree stands you will note that the world is full of experts. If you’ve never been in a tree stand, or never been hunting, you might consider a more extensive review before lugging yourself up into the trees. We here at Sportsman’s Marketplace apparently make some bold assumptions regarding your cognitive abilities. One. Don’t place your tree stand in a thicket so dense you cannot even see the animal. Need a diagram? Good, we didn’t think so.



Two, don’t trudge through the woods in the dark through bedding areas to get to your tree stand. Thanks for the tip Sherlock. Three – Angle of trajectory. If the only shot you’ll get is directly on top of your target it’s time to pickup a new sport. We understand knitting can be quite relaxing. For the rest of us that have some experience and/or an ounce of logic it really comes down to being smarter than the game we are hunting. While we’ve all come across a sharp buck or savvy bull – we aren’t dealing with Orangutans here. At best, the S.O.B.’s would be riding the short bus if they were bipods like us.




If you still have questions about whether you should purchase a tree stand or not, we will leave you with a short self-assessment survey. First, do you have a “lepsy”? There are two bigguns that are serious no-no’s for tree stands. Narcolepsy – If you can fall asleep standing up, you might want to stay on the ground. Epilepsy – If there’s a chance you cannot control your body, say 30 feet in a tree, probably not a good idea. Last, but CERTAINLY NOT least, can you read the instructions on properly affixing the tree stand to a tree? If you are on of those folks that can’t put together a garage shelving rack from Costco you may have to reevaluate whether you’ll have a safe tree stand. For those of us that have been living in the trees for years, we have a few fine options for your consideration below. Happy hunting Tarzan!


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