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Must Have Video and Night Vision Gear for Scouting or Shooting Your Next Outing!

We don’t know about you, but looking through and using night vision or thermal equipment makes us feel like little kids in a candy store. As sportsmen and women it’s our opportunity to experience the real advantages we have over the animals we are hunting. That might turn the stomach of a millennial hipster that doesn’t understand our lifestyle, but so be it…hipsters be damned! Before you get all hot and bothered be sure to check the regulations in your state. As you might expect there are different rules for every state – the most ridiculous being in states like Commiefornia. Seeprise!



If you do have predator and non-game animals wreaking havoc on your land or hunting grounds these tools can downright change the game. Keep in mind, the key difference between thermal and night vision is that night vision illuminates the night giving you a black and white image that is simply brighter than you can see with the naked eye. Thermal shows the heat signature of your prey. If you were to look at a running car, the engine would glow bright orange and red while the passenger area would have a purple or pink hue. Unless of course your buddy is sitting in the car telling fishin tales, at which point you’d have an illuminated target for the sock you found under the seat. This is the cool stuff folks – so long as you use it for legitimate, legal hunting purposes.



You know how this works. If you are a young buck and think it’s be funny to take to the sorority house, be prepared to dig a broadhead out of your derriere. Us legitimate sportsmen don’t take too kindly to perverts. Not to mention the ahole that uses these tools to poach game animals. Please don’t ruin things for the rest of us! It only takes on numbskull breaking the rules to ruin it for all of us. Ahh, remember the days you could drive into the woods and sight in your gun? Yeah, we used to be able to do that, but every Tom, Dick, and Harry thought it best to leave their glass bottles and refrigerators behind! Be a sportsman or we’ll eject you from the game.


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