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The Top Three Reasons for Wearing a GPS Watch During Next Hunting Season.


1. It’s a better alternative than a Smartphone App


 Tracking – A word that gives the conspiracy theorists in us the heebie jeebies. Truth is ol’ Uncle Sam is a little too curious for our taste. With the invention of words such as domestic terrorists to describe organizations such as the “Oath Keepers” and others, we have a right to second-guess the motives of the government tracking our every move. While there are many apps available for our “smartphones” that will track our adventures in the woods, we all know that the locale of “No Tell Um Creek” isn’t safe when using our phone.



 2. They Will Prove You are Ready for Ironman


Conspiracy theories aside, we’ve identified some fine options that will track the ground you’ve covered recovering sheds or scouting the woods for game. Not only will you track the distances you cover, but some options will allow you to track vertical feet, weather you’ve endured and much more. Seriously, these things are as cool as an ice cube down your butt crack on a hot summer’s day. Last, but not least, find a friend and place your bets. Instead of first – biggest- most in fishing you can play miles and vertical feet. And NO – dirt roads do not count! Strappin’ the watch to a set of handlebars is like counting cards in blackjack.




3. Hold “Sleeping Beauty” Accountable


We all have that friend that uses our hunting adventures as an excuse to catch up on their sleep. Only crazy people ‘like’ waking up at 3 or 4 a.m. Our motto: Start the morning with a smile and get it over with! Unless of course you get something, then you are allowed to smile again. When ol’ sleepy head can’t get with the program they fast become as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool. So strap one of these gadgets around their wrist and force them into their twig magnet clodhoppers and get them pushing the game in your direction.


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