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The Best Bug Out Bags for You and the Family


Welcome to B.O.B.s world. Where you’ll find a handful of options that’ll help you settle in nicely if ever SHTF. Truth is, we aren’t believers of the zombie apocalypse here at Sportsman’s Marketplace – but we are big believers in always being prepared for whatever may come our way. All of us here either open carry or carry concealed weapons so you could say we like to hedge our bets.


If that last statement caught you by surprise, and you are busy thinking, “if ISIS would just stop playing violent video games and listening to Marilyn Manson you would have nothing to worry about.” We got news for ya, you ain’t gonna find the full song lyrics to Kumbaya here. Looking for top tips for playing bongos around the campfire. Nope, wrong place for that too. We are gravely serious about a few things: hunting, fishing, the outdoor lifestyle and protecting our family. We call it self-sufficiency, the only way to be.


If however, you are here seriously considering a nominal investment in survival we’ve identified a few short-term solutions for you. Nobody wants to truly consider scenarios in which you’d actually need a Bug Out Bag, but consider a couple examples where B.O.B. might really come in handy.


Scenario 1: You’ve had a hellish week at work. The stress and pressure has you near your boiling point and you’ve committed to meeting a couple friends for a Patriot Rally before the weekend. You show up with like-minded folks in a show of solidarity and support of American ideals, foremost of which is personal liberty. Just then, a woman, nuttier than a squirrel turd, starts screaming at the top of her lungs in an effort to disrupt your fun. Yep, straight to the mountains, do not pass go, for a night of decompression from the crazy world we sometimes live in. B.O.B. is always in the car, just in case.




Second, you’ve had a helluva weekend bass fishing with the boys, drinking a few cold ones. Unfortunately, your favorite bass fishing spot is out of cell phone range so there’s no checking in with the wife to make sure she still isn’t angry your gone on yet another weekend outing with the boys. You come home full of vim and vigor without considering the work you’ve left for your wife around the house while you were having fun. After putting your gear away you attempt to make sure the wife is cool, but it’s too soon. She suggests, in a very effective way, that you just take another night to yourself – you selfish S.O.B. Truck, Tact Bivy, B.O.B. – all is good. Hey, sometimes she needs to decompress too.


Zombies? We don’t think so. All other scenarios – we’ve got ya covered.


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