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The Best First Aid Kits for Everything from the Zombie Apocolypse to a Scraped Knee


A category dedicated to the famous Bill Dance. Who knew a grown man could continue to wobble and bobble throughout life like a fawn fresh out of the womb. Truth is accidents happen, more so to some folks than others. Perhaps in Bill’s case he was jinxed having an oxymoron in his last name. The only dancing ol’ Bill is doing is the funky chicken into the next body of water. Poor guy has been unintentionally making us Sportsman laugh at his expense for decades.



We have a few great first aid kit options for you that may sound a little like overkill at first blush but they aren’t intended for a single occasion. Unless of course you take the product descriptions literally, in one case you’ll note the bundlers of one first aid kit recognized that they were providing enough “pieces” to supply up to 50 people. It has a lot of good stuff, that’s why it’s here – but who bundles and writes these descriptions? Do people really buy these things actually considering the likelihood of setting up a roadside trauma tent in the event of a bus crash?


We can only imagine what was going through their heads, “If you think you might be involved in a bus crash at some point in your life, boy do we have the first aid kit for you.” Maybe they thought, “If a mortar round accidentally goes off at a barbeque, our customer could treat up to 50 people.” Regardless of whether you are preparing for some apocalyptic event or just looking for peace of mind – take a look below for some convenient first aid kit options.


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