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The Best Survival Knives and Multi-Tools


If you are like us, you’ve always wanted to go to Switzerland to see what the army actually does with their little red knives. Truth is, being a ‘neutral’ country, their original knives were deemed useless. That’s our guess anyway. As a matter of fact, we’d be willing to bet the conversation went a little something like this; “Well Markus, since we ain’t ever going to use the knife, why don’t we add some doodads to it.” Creating the term ‘doodads’ in the process.

The modified device could not only cut a nice wedge of Swiss cheese, but fix a Swiss watch or file the blowin’ end of an Alphorn. That’s right, with a little elbow grease, and some serious filing, your Swiss Army Knife you could convert a 12 foot log into your own personal “tooter” as they are affectionately called. Have a hot batch of vodka infused fondue ready? Just toot your Alphorn from the mountaintop to round up your neighbors for some grub. As it turns out, you could also let them know you had some Ricola in stock! Damn, these folks know how to get’r done! 



Enter Murica.   After having seen these bad boys in WWII (WINNERS!), we started to do some R&D (rip-off and duplicate). Only kidding, we made it better. MUCH better. Our friends at Leatherman, Gerber and the like took ol’ trusty and gave er’ a shot of steroids. While we respect the Swiss, especially their gun laws, we now have some nice, local “upgrade” options.



To round out this fabulous category…hate to admit it but we love guns and knives so much we mentally drew out the sssss in fabulous way too long just now. We never leave home without them and recommend you do the same. In the (alleged) words of General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis: “Always carry a knife with you. Just in case there’s cheesecake, or you need to stab someone in the throat.” Well said sir, well said.


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