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The Best Paracord for Any Survival Situation – or Anytime you Need to Tie Something, Anything

Okay McGyver – you’ve found your happy place. We have paracord options for your every need – even those you don’t know about yet. So long as you have blond feathered hair and the trademark mullet. Pronounced [moolay]. For those unknowing non-rednecks (how’d you find us!) types, the moo-lay is the high fashion version of the mullet, i.e. Normal hair on sides and top versus short hair on sides and top. We sense some confusion amongst you Sportsman, worry not – you learn something new everyday.


So now that you have your aviators, dyed your hair a cinnamon blond and have trimmed or grown out the moo-lay, you are ready for whatever sticky situation may come your way. Bit of advice – pack a Swiss Army knife and some duct tape just in case. Cutting paracord without a knife makes starting a fire by hand drill look like a walk in the park. And you never know when you’ll need to fashion a girth knot on a tree branch before repelling down a waterfall in your harness made of paracord. A la – duct tape. You’ll want to give’r a quick wrap around the harness because rope burn in the nether regions is worse than the fall.



If, however, you don’t envision a need for repelling via paracord in the near future, consider some other perfect uses for your little bundle:

  • Pulley system to tie your food up in a tree

  • Tourniquets

  • Splints

  • Booby traps (always loved that name)

  • Fishing net

  • Hold down the fort

  • Making a log raft

  • People chain – tight trails, one dies we all die

  • And Handcuffs (for the guy that steals your tree-stand)

Now you know. If you don’t have any survival skills, buddy up with someone sporting an ultra-fashionable moo-lay, they may just save your life one day.


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