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The Best Survival Sleeping Bags for Those of Us That Are Prepared for Anything


Have you ever slept in a car? No we aren’t talking about the time in High School when you were too broke or too cheap to get a hotel room. We are talking about the time you broke down in the mountains. The time the blizzard came in and you got stuck off the side of the road. The time uncle Jimmy ran the car out of gas on your way to visit granny on the ‘shortcut’ dirt road in east Texas. These things happen folks and if you spend enough time in the outdoors like we do, you won’t leave home without a handy little sleeping bag hidden in the nook of your vehicle.


We’ve just shared why you might need a survival sleeping bag but suspect you may be asking, well why not just pack a sleeping bag on my next day hunt. Just in case. Because nobody does it, that’s why. The entire survival section of the website is dedicated to small, valuable products that could save your life. Most of us already have the full-size versions of just about everything, but the survival industry has it figured out – it all about keeping it small and convenient for unexpected situations.


Prepared people fall into several categories: Very prepared, somewhat prepared, and not prepared. We will share a couple analogies to help this self-analysis sink in. You started bucking hay at 9 years old, were paid below minimum wage because it was illegal for you to have a job, but were expected to help the family. When you became an adult and chose a path for the rest of your life and started a career were you very prepared, somewhat prepared or not prepared at all?



On the other hand, you might be a millennial. Your parents never forced you to get a job, or do anything productive for that matter. You’ve won dozens of participation trophies in your life but have never finished a single race. Your parents introduce you, the only child, to new people by saying, this is my ‘it’, he/she likes to play video games and troll people on the Internet. Your parents support you until you are 32 – at which time, they have to get a court order to remove you from their house. You get hired at a minimum wage job, for which you are woefully under-qualified. Are you very prepared, somewhat prepared, or not prepared at all?


Be responsible for your decisions, don’t be the millennial, be the Merica loving redneck sportsman you are and be prepared because the rest of them aren’t.


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