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Some Solar Gadgets that Could Save Your Life in the Deep Woods – Or Your Pocketbook


Who doesn’t love gadgets? Especially gadgets that don’t require batteries! For all the parents out there: Don’t you wish someone would’ve told you to buy stock in Duracell or Energizer before you started having kids?! Pretty sure we’ve pumped up the stock price of those companies with the amount of kids we have among your Sportsman’s Marketplace family!


Energizer be damned! Only kidding – we still need you but we can’t quite figure out how you could go wrong with a solar charger. If you like to play it safe like we do it makes sense to throw a solar charger in the B.O.B. Sure you can pack an extra battery for the cell phone or GPS for your hunting trips into the woods, but doesn’t it make sense to pack a solar charger to keep the juice flowing just in case you need to use the phone?


For the more extreme types, well why would you need a solar charger? True survivalists don’t want or need electronics to survive in the bush…which is why we’ve thrown in a solar crank radio for good measure. Want to know what’s going on in this crazy world, crank her up or let mother sunshine get her talking to ya. Just don’t plan on an FM dance party without some serious rays that day!

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